L.S.W. Publications began in the early 1970's when the three of us found ourselves teaching at Suffolk County Community College in New York. One of us (RLW) had been "spunout" from the Apollo Program as a graduate student at SUNY-Stony Brook, another (WLS) had just finished an M.S. in science and planetarium education at Syracuse University, and one (GSL) had been teaching at SCCC for five years in addition to being very active in amateur astronomy groups at the Custer Institute on Long Island.

    Although our academic backgrounds were very different we shared a common interest in astronomy and its role as a vehicle for teaching science to liberal arts students. We were frustrated by the lack of suitable materials for teaching the lab component of the course. We decided that we could write more appropriate materials for our students rather than wait for the large publishers to produce them. With that motivation we created Astronomy Through Practical Investigations (ATPI). We tried to get publishers to produce the materials BUT none were interested in producing them in the modular format that we felt was so important. We introduced the approach of separate modules so that we could tailor our courses to our individual interests, and vary our course each semester. We strongly believed this would be a popular innovation for other instructors. We were right, so began the LSW saga.

    With time we have branched into meteorology topics in our Investigations in Atmospheric Sciences (IAS) and by now several hundred thousand students have used our materials to study introductory science.

George Lomaga   Wayne Smiley   Bob Warasila

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