A brief description of the concepts is provided in each box. Many questions utilize charts, diagrams, photographs and data included in the module. In most questions students are expected to reach conclusions based on the figures and data.

Graphic from Module - Click for Large View Observational (ATPI)
Investigation #15 - Constellations
  • Introductory question encouraging creativity in organizing stars into constellation groups.
  • Development of a "game plan" for finding the more prominent constellations and stars based on pattern recognition for circumpolar, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer constellations.
  • Question exploring the circumpolar concept.
  • A question developing the seasonal observations of constellations using the zodiac constellations and the earth's orbit.
  • Planetarium pictures used for identification of constellations.
  • Telling time by the use of the position of the Big Dipper.
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